Perinatal Orientation eLearning Series

The Reproductive Care Program of Nova Scotia has developed this self-directed learning series for care providers working with childbearing individuals, newborns and families in Nova Scotia. These resources are intended to compliment, not replace, existing perinatal education and orientation programs.

Courses are at various stages of revision and are currently presented in various formats depending on when they were developed.

  • Interactive online courses (viewed via your web browser). *All courses will eventualy be available in this format.*
  • Video recorded presentations (MP4 files, viewed using a media player such as Windows Medi Plyer or QuickTime).
  • Voice-narrated slide presentations (Power Point files).
    • Files range in size from about 10 to 100 MB and depending on your network and computer speed may take a few minutes to download before opening.
    • To open a learning module, select it from the menu on the left
    • Click on the thumbnail image or on the text "Voice-narrated powerpoint presentation"
    • The narration for video files will play automatically. To hear the voice narration in PowerPoint presentations, you must click the speaker icon or  in each slide.


We welcome your comments and feedback on any courses you complete.

RCP Webinar Series

The RCP webinar series offers a variety of topics that appeal to perinatal health professionals with all levels of experience. Please click here ( to access the list of webinar recordings that are available to you.