Unanticipated Birth: Guidelines for Labour Assessment, Imminent Delivery, and Transfer

Typically, staff and physicians who work in the Emergency or Outpatient department do not deliver babies as part of their usual practice. This document has been developed to support these health care professionals. It is intended to provide guidance and support to safely and effectively assess and care for labouring/birthing persons. Included are guidelines for:

  • Assessment of the labouring patient and the fetus
  • Indications for transfer and the transfer process, including a provincial directory of all facilities offering a perinatal service and details regarding EHS LifeFlight
  • Care and documentation during labour and birth when transfer is not possible
  • Assessment and care of both patients following birth
  • Basic neonatal resuscitation skills
  • Equipment
  • Medications to keep in stock for obstetrical emergencies and routine birth
  • Laboratory tests
Date Revised: 
August, 2022