Program Structure

Provincial Steering Committee

The purpose of the Program Steering Committee (PSC) is to provide advice and guidance to the Department of Health and Wellness that will promote excellence in reproductive/perinatal and newborn health. Members of the PSC are advocates for perinatal health and for strategies that will facilitate Nova Scotia’s ability to monitor and enhance the health status of childbearing women, infants, and their families. The work of the RCP Program Steering Committee will be aligned with the Mission, Vision and Strategic Directions of the Department of Health and Wellness, and of the Reproductive Care Program of Nova Scotia (RCP).


  • To assist with the identification of emerging perinatal health and service provision issues.
  • To provide advice and direction on key policy and strategic directions to support the perinatal health system.
  • To ensure the development of a strategic plan for RCP and annual goals to guide the work of the Program.
  • To support Program recommendations and provide ongoing advice to the Department of Health and Wellness, based on environmental scanning of emerging issues, research, best practice, and evaluation.
  • To identify and assist with enhancing mechanisms for two-way communication with key clinical, administrative, research, and academic stakeholders in order to advance positive perinatal outcomes and the mandate of the Program.

Provincial Advisory Committee

The purpose of the RCP Provincial Advisory Committee (PAC) is to provide advice and guidance to the Reproductive Care Program about clinical and health information issues and to serve as a resource for the development of clinical guidelines, professional education programs, reports from the Nova Scotia Atlee Perinatal Database and research foci. The responsibilities of the PAC will be accomplished primarily through two Sub-committees, the Health Information & Research Sub-committee and the Practice, Education & Knowledge Translation Sub-committee.


  • Identify emerging clinical issues.
  • Scan practice environment for/share knowledge about recent clinical guidelines that would benefit from a consistent approach across jurisdictions.
  • Participate in the development of any provincial approaches, tools, and communication mechanisms required to implement clinical guidelines.
  • Provide advice on the education priorities for perinatal care providers across the system.
  • Review content of, and assist with, the development of workshops and education sessions as requested.
  • Provide advice on the content of, and delivery mechanisms for perinatal health/health care reports from the Nova Scotia Atlee Perinatal Database (NSAPD).
  • Recommend strategies to improve data quality and data use, including the identification of potential new variables, marketing ‘metadata’, suggesting venues to ‘showcase’ perinatal data from Nova Scotia.
  • Participate in identifying research priorities.
  • Initiate, foster and incubate perinatal research.