Clinical Group

Barbie Leggett Manager, Reproductive Care Program
Leeanne Lauzon Manager, Health Services Planning
Leanne MacKeen Perinatal Nurse Consultant
Danielle Hillman Perinatal Nurse Consultant
Heather Ezurike Perinatal Nurse Consultant
Maddie Gallant Perinatal Nurse Consultant
Margaret Parsons Rh Program Coordinator
Erin Dowe Rh Program Nurse
Abigail Murano Program Administrative Coordinator
Rebecca (Becky) Attenborough Consultant (retired)
Dr. Melissa Brooks Clinical Advisor, Obstetrical
Dr. Balpreet Singh Clinical Advisor, Neonatal
Dr. Michiel Van den Hof Clinical Advisor, Obstetrical
Dr. Janet Howard Clinical Advisor, Family Medicine

Data Group

Kristina Whiffen Programmer / Application Developer
Irene Gagnon Health Information Coordinator
Lynn Kabatay Health Records Technician
Oghenekome (Kome) Eboreime Health Records Technician
John Fahey Research Analyst
Estevam Teixeira Data Analyst
Thilina Senevirathne Database Administrator
Israel Osaighale Consultant (casual)
Joseph Orji Programmer Analyst / Web Developer
Cora Cole Project Manager, SCA-NS
Barry Campbell Consultant (retired)
Kevin Canavan Consultant (retired)
Marilyn Muise Consultant (retired)

To reach a member of our staff, please contact the main office.