Fundamentals of Fetal Health Surveillance

The Fundamentals of Fetal Health Surveillance (8 hour) Workshop Objectives:

  • Describe the Canadian recommendations for fetal health surveillance during labour.
  • Identify the definitions, characteristics, etiology, physiology/pathophysiology of IA, intrapartum EFM and NST findings.
  • Apply FHS classification and interpretation to IA, intrapartum EFM and NST findings within the whole clinical picture for decision making.
  • Describe the appropriate clinical management/response for prevention and/or correction of abnormal IA, atypical/abnormal intrapartum EFM and NST findings.
  • Describe antenatal surveillance techniques including fetal movement counting, NST, and biophysical profile.
  • Discuss teamwork, communication, and documentation as it relates to fetal health surveillance and perinatal outcomes.

Workshop Pre-requisites:

Prior to attending the workshop all participants must

  1. Review the Fundamentals of Fetal Health Surveillance Online Manual, accessed through the UBC continuing professional development portal:
    *Register for the full course (including exam and certificate of completion)
  2. Successfully complete the National Fetal Health Surveillance Online Exam, at the end of the online manual review
  3. Submit your certificate of completion

Note: All workshop participants must successfully complete the Fundamentals for Fetal Health Surveillance Online Manual AND Exam within 1 month prior to attending the workshop.

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