RCP e-News May 2021

RCP is Open for Business – The Reproductive Care Program of Nova Scotia (RCP) continues to provide assistance and support. RCP staff members continue to work from home as much as possible but will respond to your questions as usual. Currently, e-mail and our contact us page are the most efficient ways to reach us. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones during this trying time.

COVID-19 Resources for Nova Scotia Health Care Providers – RCP has complied a number of resources and information for NS care providers. The most recent Maternal and Newborn Care Bulletin (#5) was updated December 21st, 2020. The full list of resources can be found on the RCP website COVID-19 page.

RCP Webinars Coming Soon: – RCP is offering webinar education on a variety of perinatal topics appealing to providers working in all areas of maternal and newborn health. Dates for a variety of topics for the series are being scheduled for the coming months. Watch for more details on the RCP website. Suggestions for future topics are welcome. Please send them via the RCP email: rcp@iwk.nshealth.ca 

The following webinar recordings have been posted to the RCP website for viewing:

  • Managing Imminent Birth and Care of the Newly Born
  • Managing Obstetric Emergencies
  • Fluid and Electrolyte Balance in Neonates

RCP Maternal Newborn Orientation Learning Modules – RCP’s Nursing Assessment of the Newborn Orientation Learning Module has been recently updated. The module can be found on the RCP website. Objectives of the module include:

  • Understand and support the healthy transition from fetus to newborn
  • Describe the knowledge and skills required to conduct a comprehensive newborn assessment
  • Integrate health teaching and build confidence and competence in new mothers and families

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Rh Immune Globulin and COVID-19 Vaccination - The Rh Program of Nova Scotia advises that COVID-19 vaccines can be safely given during pregnancy and patients are encouraged to discuss the timing of vaccine with their prenatal provider. Rh immune globulin (WinRho®SDF) administration should continue using standard recommended times, doses and indications and can be given simultaneously with COVID-19 vaccination. Read more on the Rh Program of NS website.


Resources Re: COVID Vaccine Guidance for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Persons - The Nova Scotia Vaccine Expert Panel has developed resources for care providers to use with pregnant and breastfeeding individuals to guide discussion about COVID-19 vaccination. This information is specific to adult immunization and includes a 1-page version to share with patients. Note: These documents were reformatted and reissued in March 2021 but contain similar information as those released in February.

There are two documents:

  • Vaccine Information for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Individuals
  • Vaccine Information for Pregnant Breastfeeding Individuals Decision Guide.

The information in the 1-page decision guide is also contained within the longer document but formatted to fit on a single page for ease of use. Care providers may wish to provide the decision guide to patients/clients. These resources have been posted to the RCP website.

CAPWHN Live Webinars:

Caring for Patients with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) - June 8, 2021 at 12:00 PM EST

The presentation provides an overview of HIE, screening criteria and tools and discussion of randomized, controlled trials in North America and Europe.  It emphasizes the importance of parental communication with an HIE newborn and recognizes the systemic supportive care for the potential multi-organ dysfunction of the neonate.  Register here.

Save the Date: Obesity in Pregnancy - June 15, 2021 at 12:00 PM EST

Diabetes in Pregnancy - The Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia (DCPNS) is collaborating with RCP and other partners to review and revise its 2014 ‘Pregnancy & Diabetes Guidelines – Approaches to Practice’ resource.   

This resource profiles practice approaches that support optimal pregnancy outcomes (fetal & maternal) in individuals with diabetes in pregnancy. It is intended for diabetes care providers (diabetes educators, general and specialist physicians), obstetrical unit staff, and others with an expressed interest in diabetes in pregnancy. 

Revisions to individual sections (13 chapters) are underway and will address, among other topics:  screening for GDM; role of A1C; use of insulin and metformin; nutrition therapy; and continuous/flash glucose monitoring. Medical oversight (Nova Scotia Health and IWK) will ensure revisions reflect Nova Scotia’s approach to practice.

For more information, or if you are interested in reviewing a specific chapter or the resource in its entirety, please contact fran.bowden@dcpns.nshealth.ca.

Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative National Report – On May 5th, 2021 the Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative released a National report - Time for Action: Why Canada Needs A National Perinatal Mental Health Strategy Now More Than Ever. On the same day, the government of Canada and all parties unanimously agreed to support developing a National Perinatal Mental Health Strategy and declared the first Wednesday of May annually as World Maternal Mental Health Day.


Survey Invitation on a Public Health Approach to Substance Use - The Canadian Public Health Association is inviting you to participate in a short survey to better understand your perspective on substance use. They are currently working on a project to develop tools, resources and learning materials to implement a public health approach to substance use, and would love to hear from you to better understand your perspective and which topics and resources would be most useful to you. Your participation in this survey will support the creation of tools, resources and online learning modules to support the implementation of a public health approach to substance use in Canada. Participation in the survey is completely voluntary. The survey should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

To participate in the survey, please follow this link: https://form.simplesurvey.com/f/s.aspx?s=5b51d4e1-febb-4c6e-8e17-34915933b491&ds=EtvHMLlJ00 

Cannabis Update - Canadian Research:

“No one loves my baby more than me:” A qualitative study of patients’ decision-making regarding cannabis use in pregnancy – Study participants describe how their cannabis use was driven by physical and mental health challenges arising during pregnancy that negatively impacted their lives. Participants felt that cannabis improved their symptoms and thus their ability to function. Decisions around cannabis use were not made lightly; participants carefully weighed the perceived benefits of cannabis against its potential harms. They expressed a strong desire to protect their fetus from harm and were eager for expert guidance to support their decision-making process.

SOGC Statement on COVID-19 Vaccination in Pregnancy – The Society of Obstetricians of Canada has reaffirmed their statement related to the COVID-19 vaccine in pregnancy. The SOGC acknowledges the need for guidance related to the COVID-19 vaccine and pregnancy and during lactation. To read the full statement go to the SOGC website.

Recent Publications of Interest – Several publications have been recently released and are now available for your review. The titles with links have been provided below for your information and reading enjoyment:

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