Recommendations for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) Screening in NS

This practice resource, developed in September 2021 and revised in February 2022, provides information to care providers related to a new approach to GDM screening in Nova Scotia. The practice resource has been informed by evidence and has been adapted specifically to Nova Scotia’s context and population of pregnant persons. It includes the Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia GDM screening practice algorithm and information related to the interpretation of testing results.

In January 2022, Central Zone Pathology and Laboratory Medicine issued a memo outlining the process for ordering HbA1C based on the new provincial approach to GDM screening.

In June 2022, the Diabetes Team at the IWK issued a memo outlining operational changes in their approach to diabetes and ultrasound surveillance for diabetic patients.

Additionally, you may watch New Approach to GDM Screening in Nova Scotia, a recorded presentation given by Dr. Jillian Coolen on October 25, 2021 as part of RCP's Webinar Series.

Pregnancy and Diabetes: Approaches to Practice (2021): This resource, published by the Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia (DCPNS), provides health care providers with additional information in support of recognized Clinical Practice Guidelines for the management of pregnancy complicated by diabetes.

Date Revised: 
February, 2022