RCP e-News July 2016

Over a number of months and with input from clinicians, health care managers, and leaders RCP identified five perinatal indicators for Nova Scotia. Provincial data for the indicators out-lined below will be posted on the RCP website over the next few months:


  • Tobacco smoking cessation during pregnancy
  • Post-dates induction before 410 weeks’ gestation
  • Term repeat caesarean section before 390 weeks’ gestation
  • Episiotomy among women having their first vaginal delivery
  • Infants breastfed exclusively among those whose mothers intended to breastfeed

The first indicator, Tobacco smoking cessation during pregnancy, is available at:


Included are a short background description, a graph and table depicting trends over time, as well as the indicator definition. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the RCP office at rcp@iwk.nshealth.ca.

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