Learning module "Induction of Labour" now available

RCP is pleased to present Induction of Labour, the latest title in a series of learning modules for nurses who work with childbearing women, newborns and families. Published as a collection of voice-annotated PowerPoint slide sets, this educational series covers topics across the perinatal experience from prenatal to postpartum.
This module gives perinatal nurses an opportunity to:

  • Review indications, risks and benefits associated with induction of labour
  • Examine methods of induction and cervical ripening
  • Identify practices to promote patient safety

Previously released titles in the series include:

  • Prenatal Assessment and Screening
  • The Process of Birth and Labour
  • Supportive Care in Labour, Part 1
  • Supportive Care in Labour, Part 2
  • Fetal Health Surveillance, Part 1
  • Fetal Health Surveillance, Part 2
  • Fetal Health Surveillance, Part 3
  • Postpartum Nursing Care
  • Nursing Assessment of the Newborn
  • Introduction to the Care of Breastfeeding Mothers and Babies

All modules are available at http://rcp.nshealth.ca/education/learning-modules.