Maternal Reactions to WinRho® SDF in Nova Scotia

WinRho (Rh Immune globulin) is a blood product that is prepared from pools of human plasma containing antibodies to the D (Rh) antigen. Its primary role in pregnancy is to prevent Rh allo-immunization in Rh negative mothers who may carry/deliver an Rh positive child. 

Although minor reactions can occur with administration of blood products (particularly intravenous), in the past few years there have also been a small number of more significant  adverse reactions to WinRho® SDF in Nova Scotia. The affected women needed prompt treatment, as with any reaction to a blood product.

WinRho® SDF has been used in Canada since 1984. Reactions are rare but can occur, as noted on the Rh Program CONSENT for Rho(D) IMMUNE GLOBULIN (WinRho®SDF) form. Thus it is important that women stay for 15-30 minutes after receiving WinRho.

If a mother in your care has a significant reaction to WinRho® SDF, please contact the Rh Program office as soon as it is convenient. Rh Program staff will assist with developing a plan of care for the remainder of the pregnancy and postpartum. Contact information: Tel: 902-470-6458 or Fax: 902-470-7468