New breastfeeding forms and user guide

RCP’s Breastfeeding forms have been revised and are now available for care providers who wish to use them. These revised forms provide the detail required by the Baby Friendly Initiative to:

  • describe the breastfeeding encounter
  • outline the feeding plan for mothers, and  
  • communicate this to those involved in the ongoing breastfeeding support of mothers and babies.  

The Daily Breastfeeding Record (RCP 6.0) is replacing form 06. This form has traditionally been shared with mothers to record their baby’s feeds.

The Breastfeeding Assessment and Discharge form (RCP 6.1) is new. Documentation may begin prior to or during the birth admission, depending on when infant feeding discussions, assessments, and goal-setting with the expectant woman have begun. This is an iterative tool that is to be used by the team as they support the new mother and her baby in achieving independence in breastfeeding. This form includes the discharge feeding plan and may be copied and given to new breastfeeding mothers to share with their support network after discharge.

The Breastfeeding Forms User Guide provides additional information on the use of these forms.