Loving Care web buttons make downloading parenting books easier

The Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness is trying to make it easier for new parents to find information on its website. In collaboration with design staff at Communications Nova Scotia, they have created "web buttons", images that link directly to a page where parents can download, in English and French, the Loving Care series of books. The buttons are being distributes to Nova Scotia organizations who have websites where parents may seek information.

RCP has placed the web buttons in the Loving Care entry of its postpartum clinical guidelines page.

Download Loving Care Books - Birth to 3 YearsTéléchargez les livrets Tendres soins, De la naissance à 3 ans

Loving Care is a strengths-based and capacity-building series of parent health education books. The series was developed by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, Public Health Services, Department of Community Services, Reproductive Care Program, and the IWK Extra Support for Parents Program, with support from Child Safety Link and several Family Resource Centres. Part of the development process included ongoing consultations with families and content experts.

Loving Care consists of 3 age-paced books that focus on child development and attachment and one accompanying book, Parents and Families that focuses on family and parent self-care.

The series has been designed and written to meet the diverse learning needs of all families. Loving Care offers easy to understand early parenting information. In all the books parents are positioned as teachers and experts in knowing their own child.

Since 2008, Loving Care: Birth to 6 months and Parents and Families have been offered to families, either prenatally or at birth. The 6 to 12 months book was released in 2009. The 1 to 3 Years book, which completes the series, was released in the fall of 2011.  All books are available as PDFs on the Department of Health and Wellness website.