IWK Grand Rounds presentation: Adolescent Pregnancy & Parenting

On January 25, 2023, Dr. Emma Bartlett (PGY 3, Paediatrics) presented at Pediatric Grand Rounds on care considerations for pregnant and parenting adolescents. Objectives of her presentation included:

  1. To understand the healthcare needs of adolescents in pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood
  2. To identify key members of the healthcare team to support adolescents in pregnancy and parenthood
  3. To describe the role of the pediatrician in supporting adolescent patients in pregnancy and parenthood
  4. To examine our local landscape of adolescent pregnancy care, including resources, models of care and vulnerable populations

The presentation is available on IWK's YouTube channel: Dr. Bartlett, Pediatric Resident: Adolescent Pregnancy & Parenting: What is our role?