Epidural Shortage

We are hearing reports from across Canada about epidural catheter / kit shortages facing some of our provincial partners. Pregnant individuals and families may have been alerted to the potential national epidural shortage through media channels, and may be understandably anxious about their options for pain relief in labour.

RCP has been involved in discussions with NSH and IWK about the current and future supply of epidural catheters. At this time, both NSH and IWK would like to reassure providers and the public that the current supply chain is stable with future shipments anticipated to arrive as expected. The situation will be monitored closely, and supply redistributed throughout the province as needed to ensure equitable access.

Link to recent news coverage from August 3, 2022: https://www.halifaxexaminer.ca/featured/iwk-supply-chain-robust-but-sometimes-we-may-need-to-be-creative/