Labour Partogram

The Labour Partogram (RCP 03) was developed to support perinatal care providers in the assessment and documentation of pertinent information about labour and birth in a structured, logical, and standardized manner. Its main purpose is to facilitate consistent and complete documentation, communication, and continuity of care among health care providers and provides a guide for evidence-based intrapartum care. Secondly, specific fields in the Partogram are collected as part of the Nova Scotia Atlee Perinatal Database (NSAPD), which includes data collection from all Provincial Perinatal Forms. These data are collected, analyzed, and disseminated to Nova Scotia DHAs/IWK to inform the monitoring of provincial perinatal outcomes and to improve health care planning and provision.

The Labour Partogram is designed for use in conjunction with the NS Prenatal Record, the NS Maternal Assessment form (RCP 02), the Birth Record (RCP 04), and the Mother-Baby Flowsheet (RCP 05).

Be sure to consult User Guide: Nova Scotia Labour Partogram for detailed information on using the Labour Partogram.

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April, 2024