About RCP Perinatal Health Indicators

“A health indicator is a single measure that is reported on regularly and that provides relevant and actionable information about population health and/or health system performance and characteristics. An indicator can provide comparable information, as well as track progress and performance over time” (Canadian Institute for Health Information).

RCP has been working with clinicians and health care managers and leaders over a number of months, asking for input to identify and develop five key perinatal indicators for Nova Scotia. The response has been exciting and we are getting ready over the next few months to post provincial data for the indicators outlined below:

  • Tobacco smoking cessation during pregnancy
  • Post-dates induction before 410 weeks’ gestation
  • Term repeat caesarean section before 390 weeks’ gestation
  • Episiotomy among women having their first vaginal delivery
  • Infants breastfed exclusively among those whose mothers intended to breastfeed

Indicators currently available are for tobacco smoking cessation and exclusive breastfeeding with the others to be posted as the reports are finalized. Once posted, we will refresh the data annually. At this time targets have not been established but will be in future.