Nova Scotia Prenatal Record

The Reproductive Care Program of Nova Scotia (RCP) has been producing and distributing a standardized prenatal record to prenatal care providers in Nova Scotia free of charge, for over twenty-five years. The RCP PNR provides a provincial standardized approach for care and a tool for the documentation of assessments, investigations and treatments during pregnancy. The PNR is a permanent health record document and is used by prenatal care providers across all of Nova Scotia in paper and electronic formats.

The last major revision to the prenatal record occurred in 2007 followed by minor revisions to the record happening in 2012, 2013, and 2015. The 2015 version required updating and has undergone a comprehensive revision process over the past several years to reflect up-to-date clinical evidence and best practice standards (revision began in December 2016). The ‘New’ NS Prenatal Record (PNR) has undergone a major revision process, including a thorough review of the literature, national bench-marking, extensive participant engagement, valuable feedback and consultation with perinatal care providers across NS.

Implementation of the 2022 version of the RCP NS PNR will occur in the Spring of 2022. We anticipate that there will be a period of transition for care providers as they shift to utilizing the updated PNR for documentation of antenatal care. Development of the PNR within the two EMR systems will occur in the coming months for care providers who utilize the PNR electronically.

Currently, the sample PNR below may be viewed / printed for information or teaching purposes only. Please do not use the PNR for clinical documentation until it is formally implemented across the province. Care providers using the PNR in paper format, will receive a supply of the revised PNR in the coming weeks in preparation for the provincial roll-out. You may also order the PNR free of charge at any time using RCP’s online ordering form or by contacting the RCP office.

The Companion Document that accompanies the 2022 version of the PNR provides a detailed guide and reference for prenatal care providers using the Nova Scotia Prenatal Record to document assessment, investigation and treatment during pregnancy.

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March, 2022