Nova Scotia Prenatal Record

The Reproductive Care Program of Nova Scotia (RCP) has been producing and distributing a standardized prenatal record to prenatal care providers in Nova Scotia free of charge, for over twenty-five years. In 2007, there were major revisions to the prenatal record. In June 2012 and October 2013, we made minor revisions based on valuable feedback we received from prenatal care providers around the province, changes to clinical practice guidelines, the latest evidence and expert consensus.

The prenatal record consists of three separate duplicate forms. See samples using the links below. You may view and print samples for information or teaching purposes but please do not use them for clinical documentation. You may order prenatal forms free of charge at any time using our online ordering form or by contacting the RCP office.

The Nova Scotia Prenatal Record Companion Document provides detailed information and guidance on using the prenatal forms. Paper copies are available from the RCP office.

Also available is a narrated video presentation entitled The New Nova Scotia Prenatal Record in which Dr. Heather Scott, RCP's Obstetrical Co-director, explains the important changes that were introduced into the 2007 version of the prenatal record.

Outdated Prenatal Records

Please destroy old prenatal record forms and use only the Nova Scotia Prenatal Record dated March 2015 for new patients.

For forms or information related to the Prenatal Screening Program at the IWK Health Centre please contact Claire Blight at (902) 470-8321 or visit their website.