Access to Data for Research and Health Care Planning

Requests for data from the Nova Scotia Atlee Perinatal Database (NSAPD) may be made through the Reproductive Care Program. For detailed information about how the application process works and about how to complete and submit an application, please read the Data Request Process, the Data Management Principles and the Instructions document.

As outlined in the instructions, one of two committees, either the RCP Data Access Committee (RCPDAC) or the Joint Data Access Committee (JDAC), will assess your data request. The RCPDAC and JDAC use a set of Policies and Procedures to guide decisions about granting access to data from the Nova Scotia Atlee Perinatal Database and the Rh Program Database. Please read this for an in-depth understanding of the process.

Once you have an understanding of the application process, download and save a copy of the Application Form (right-click on the link), open it in Adobe Reader, fill out the form, and save the file once you have completed it. Along with information you give in the form, you must provide additional details about your project in appendices as outlined in the instructions and application form. When you have completed the form and all appendices, e-mail them to RCP as described in the instructions.

Page 9 of the application form, the signature page, refers to Attachments A, B and C. By initialing and signing the signature page, you and your co-investigators agree to abide by principles stated in these documents. Attachment B is the new RCP/Department of Health and Wellness Data Sharing Agreement which replaces the previous Data Use Agreement.

After you submit your application, you will receive an invitation to meet with the appropriate data access committe to review details of your project in person. See below for monthly meeting schedules of the two data access committees.

If your project requires linking chart review data to data from the NSAPD, the stepwise process for the RCP and the investigator to follow is described in Protocol for Linking Chart Review Data.

Note: The Data Request Application Form is an interactive Adobe Forms document. If you have difficulty opening it, the problem may be that your web browser is using its built in PDF viewer instead of an installed copy of Adobe Reader. This usually works fine for regular PDFs but you may have to download and save a copy of the Application Form and open it directly in Adobe Reader.