Back to Sleep

There is an overwhelming body of evidence indicating the supine position for infant sleep significantly reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). In light of this evidence, health care providers are obliged to demonstrate and teach supine infant sleep positioning (Back to Sleep) to new parents and others caring for newborns. Health care providers may meet with resistance to adopting this practice, usually based on a belief that the newborn will choke if placed supine. There is no evidence to support this belief.

The Reproductive Care Program of NS (RCP) strongly endorses the Canadian Pediatric Society (CPS) Joint Statement: Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Canada (Vol 4, No 3, April 1999) and the American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement: Changing Concepts of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Implications for Infant Sleeping Environment and Sleep Position (March 2000, RE9946).